The 4 Most Important Reasons Why You Should Be Using Live Streaming For Your Business

The 4 Most Important Reasons Why You Should Be Using Live Streaming For Your Business

Want to know why you should be using live streaming for your business? Here’s why…

1. Live videos increase engagement

Videos generate more Likes, Comments, Shares and Reach (yes, Reach!) than any other type of content (135% more, according to stats by Social Bakers). So move over, text and pictures – video’s here. And, remember, after your live video ends, most social platforms give you the option to keep an on-demand version for your followers.

What’s more, on YouTube and Facebook, all the viewing ‘watch time’ your video accumulated during the live broadcast will automatically be attributed to your on-demand video, so it will have a significant boost over normal uploaded pre-recorded content. More opportunity for more engagement with your customers! It’s win, win.

2. Live videos are more immediate and interactive

When you hit that “live” button on Facebook, your audience receive a notification telling them that someone they know is broadcasting. That’s even more effective than an e-shot, a salesperson knocking at someone¹s door or a cold telemarketing call. Who answers calls from unknown numbers? No one! But I bet you’d click ‘watch’ from someone you know, though.

Not only that, but during your live stream, you also get to interact – in real-time – with your audience. Your customers!

3. Live videos increase you brand awareness

Branding’s everything. (Just ask the Beckhams.) And live video allows you to reach out and connect with your customers by telling and showing them who you are and what your brand is all about. So, tell your story, show your personality, show you’re human and keep your brand in your viewer’s mind. All. The. Time.

4. Live video improves search engine performance

Yes, videos improve SEO! And who doesn’t want that?!

Google, YouTube and Facebook love live video as it’s current, real-time and offers users the latest information, which increases engagement, which means more ad views and more ad revenue. So what does this mean for you? It means, they¹ll help promote your live stream. So, get your keywords and hashtags spot on, start live streaming and start boosting traffic!

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